Logo Design

I believe that a logo is a very important part of a business’ image. First impressions are key. I strive to design logos that are timeless and will serve for many years.


Getting noticed in a jungle of messages and images is a great challenge. The secret is a good hook – an image, colour, space, statement, humour or the combination of all of those elements – to attract and hold the viewer.

Advertising con't

Advertising con't

Sometimes when I’m designing an ad for a client, a quirky idea come to mind. I often find myself asking my client “How brave are you?”Some were, some, not so.

Business Cards

A very important, and often overlooked tool in any business’ marketing arsenal. A well designed Business Card can be the first and lasting impression you present to a new client or contact.


Like a book cover, a product’s label is very important. If your eyes are drawn to it, for whatever reason, you are more likely to pick it up to find out more and, hopefully, purchase.

Rack Cards

Racks Cards are a valuable tool. Larger than a business card, they provide an opportunity for more information about a business service or product.


Consistency across products, services, and presentation is critical these days to stand out from the crowd and build an image and brand.

Book Covers

“You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Hmmm... tell that to a book cover designer. If you are attracted by the cover you’re more likely to pick it up and look into it.

Special Campaign

It’s true what they say, there is no ”P” in downtown. Gee-whiz.

Other Things

As a person with a creative mind, my interests in self expression vary. From whimsical water colours, lino block prints, cartoon images, detailed pen & ink drawings to fully digital illustrative concepts.

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