Artist Victor J. Crapnell was born in 1959, and spent his first few years in the prairie lands of western Canada before moving to the nation’s capital Ottawa, with his family. At a young age his creative nature surfaced and he began exploring a wide range of artistic media and styles. Whether through music, painting, photography or cartooning, Victor expressed his imagination with enthusiasm and humour.

He studied both fine art and commercial art. After graduation he joined the fast-paced world of advertising as an Art Director, in Ottawa, but soon found himself drawn back toward his western roots. Packing up his guitar, paints, brushes and a cat named Nova he headed west, but somehow forgot to stop in Alberta – ending up instead on the coast of British Columbia. Restless oceans, rugged shorelines, dense old-growth forests and snow-capped mountains worked their magic and he’s never looked back. Now settled in beautiful Victoria with wife Joanne and their pups, Victor makes his living as a Graphic Designer, while continuing to fulfill his creative soul through his art.

One of Victor’s favourite formats is pen-and-ink, with its challenging simplicity and nuanced elegance. “With every stroke of ink on paper I’m trying to create a mere suggestion of the object or scene – an impression of it,” Victor says. “It’s knowing when the lack of ink is just as important as its presence, especially when you’re hoping to capture the incredible beauty and complexity of a West Coast beach or a 300-year-old Douglas fir. I love that challenge.”

These prints, from my original ink drawings, are matted with a white acid-free mat on a stable foam-core base and will fit a standard 10”x13” (25.4cm x 33cm) picture frame.

$25 each plus applicable taxes & shipping
Please contact me for pricing and shipping information

Prints reproduced from original ink drawings. Published by Art Department Design, Victoria, BC Canada ©2011 Victor J. Crapnell